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Go Forward and Retreat

To encourage us to use this"Spiritual"retreat to go forward as a Church

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Pentecost:Parable of Ten Virgins

Lessons we can learn from this parable in contex of Penecost

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The Meaning of Pentecost

Three Goals we must leave Pentecost with that will change our lives.

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Our Miraculous Deliverance From Sin

How the miracles for the Ancient Israelites provide powerful spiritual lessons for us as we travel along our spiritual journey out of the wilderness of sin.

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Rabbits Vs. Matzos

At this season of the year everyone in the world of western religion focuses on important spiritual symbols. Let’s take a look at one of the most common ones seen at Easter – rabbits – and contrast it to one of the nearly forgotten biblical symbols – unleavened...

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Putting Righteousness in Our Lives

As God miraculously provided all the Israelites needs during the entire time they were in the Wilderness, we know that the Lord our God will also be with us.  We will lack nothing.  God will bring us to our Promised Land.

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