Announcements for May 12, 2012

The entire month of May, services in Hickory will be held at our alternate location, the Market Place Church – "Your Space".  The address is: 2936 Hwy 127 South, Hickory, NC 28602.

Beverly McKnight is ready to take donations for the Battered Women's Shelter, starting this Sabbath. Please see Bev for a listing of suggested donation items.  Please bring all your donations to Church and give to Beverly, as this will be an ongoing project.
Also, Julie Burrows is collecting women's clothing for another group in the Asheboro area.  Please give her gently used women's clothing.

Mark your calendar for Sunday, July 8th.  This will be our 2nd annual North Carolina Family Picnic held once again at the Tanglewood Park in Clemmons.  The Park is located just off Exit 182 of Interstate 40,  just west of Winston-Salem.   Our current plan is that the event will be similar to last year complete with the golf scramble, kids games and lots of food and fellowship.  The event is scheduled to begin at 10:00am
We are beginning to plan for the picnic events by providing sign-up sheets for the various activities.  You will find sign-up sheets on the information table for swimming pool, golf scramble, paddle boats, and fishing.  The sign-up sheets provide additional information about costs of the activities.  Please sign the lists if you are interested in these activities. 
We now have a sign up sheet for the picnic.  If you are planning on attending the picnic, please sign the sheet at the information table.  We will need a count of those attending, so that we can buy the meat.  We need everyone to sign up by Pentecost at the latest.
Here is information about the price of activities: To get into the park it will cost $2.00 per car; Par 3 golf is $8.00 per person,  club rental $1.00 and basket of range balls are $6.00; Fishing is $1.50 per person and free for children under 12 with a paying adult; paddle boat rental for 1/2 hour  $4.00; and swimming $5.00 per person, children 3-5 are $3.00, and 2 years and under free. We have the picnic shelter from 10-3 pm, but you can stay in the park until it closes, once you pay the $2.00 charge to enter the park.  We will pack up and move everything out of the picnic shelter at 3 pm

We’ll be having Bible Study after services in Raleigh on May 19th, and in Hickory and Greensboro on May 26th.  We’ll have a 10 minute break after a shortened service, and plan for the Bible Study to last about 45 minutes.

Pentecost will be Sunday, May 27th. 
Hickory and Greensboro congregations will be combining near Mocksville NC at the North Davie Middle School located 1/2 mile north of I 40 exit 174 on Farmington Road.
There are several area restaurants to choose from in Mocksville or Clemmons area located just minutes from the school.  However, we also have access to the school cafeteria and you are welcome to bring in a picnic lunch if you would like.  There are electrical outlets available for crockpots.
Raleigh will be meeting at the Martin building on the state fairgrounds located at the corner of Hillsborough St and Blue Ridge Rd in Raleigh. If you take a look at Google maps and find the NC State Fairgrounds, turn off Blue Ridge Rd on to Trinity Rd. Take the first left turn into the fairgrounds, go a few hundred feet and through the fence and the Martin Building is the building on the right.
Services will be held in both locations at 10:30am and 3:00pm. 

All 3 of our North Carolina congregations and also Asheville are assigned to Pigeon Forge.  With that in mind, here is updated information for Festival planning and a timeline we felt would be helpful for you.  Feast sites listed in One Accord: The March-April issue of One Accord lists this year’s Feast sites along with brief descriptions of U.S. sites. This will allow each household to discuss where they would like to attend this year’s Feast before registering.
Here are the important dates and deadlines for you and your local Feast advisers:

•           May 1:    Housing information posted to Church website. Registration begins.
•           May 21:  Early housing begins. (Codes will be used at some sites.
                             These will be sent via email to all church pastors to provide for those who need them.)
•           June 4:   Regular housing reservations begin.

Registration for the 2012 Feast of Tabernacles begins on Tuesday, May 1, and runs through May 18. We request that each head of household register for his or her family. Anyone who is out of high school (even if living at home) will need to fill out his or her own registration form. The registration form is available at

If you need to make changes after you’ve registered, you will also find a link to a registration change form on the Feast website. Please be sure to use this link to make any changes.

Early housing reservations begin Monday, May 21; and housing reservations are open to all beginning Monday, June 4. Please see Chris Leyden in Hickory, Billy Davis in Greensboro, and Richard Periera in Raleigh for a list of valid reasons for making early housing reservations.  Also, if you do not have Internet Access, please see your Festival Advisor for housing information for the Feast site you are planning to attend.

Please announce as needed, beginning on May 12, 2012:

Each year many faithful brethren contribute extra funds from their festival tithe so that other needy members can receive the financial assistance they need to attend the Feast of Tabernacles. Their generosity helps hundreds of people attend the Feast who would be unable to attend otherwise. The Church recognizes its responsibility to see that those contributions are distributed fairly and equitably.

If you have no tithable income or if you have faithfully saved your festival tithe and will still not have enough to attend the Feast this year, we will be happy to help where we can. If you think you will need additional funds to be able to attend the Feast this fall, please contact your Festival adviser, Chris Leyden in Hickory, Billy Davis in Greensboro, and Richard Periera in Raleigh, or your pastor to get a Festival Assistance Member Information form. Fill out the form and return it as soon as possible. (All information on the form will be treated as confidential.)

Ministerial Services has asked us to have all assistance applications turned in by June 18, so please pick up the form and return it to your congregation’s Festival adviser or your pastor as quickly as possible.

Again, Festival financial assistance is available for those who do not have a tithable income and for those who do not have adequate funds to attend the Feast even though they have faithfully saved their festival tithe.

Camp application deadline approaching. Online registration for our 2012 COGWA Youth Camps program is going well.  We encourage any who wish to attend this year to go to and register soon. Application deadlines vary by camp, but most are in the month of May.

We’re excited about this year’s Christian Living theme of “Raising the Bar” and hope you will be able to join us for one or more of the preteen, teen or young adult Challenger programs. We have added another preteen camp (in the north central U.S.) and hope that will help serve an additional contingent of our youth this year.


Camp Registration
The deadline for registering for summer camps is rapidly approaching. The deadline for this year’s Challenger program was April 30, but if you are interested in the Colorado Rocky Mountain Adventure, be sure to apply right away. The deadline for most of the other summer camps is the end of May (Houston Preteen is May 22). We wanted to clarify that registration for all preteen camps is also being handled online at The camp video has also been posted there. We still have room for staff as well as participants at all of our venues. Be sure to register now!

Once again the Hickory congregation will be having our picnics in the park this summer.  Our first one will be May 12th. we plan to have a Ladies Club meeting at the picnic on the 12th.  All they have to do is bring picnic food and plan on having a good day. The location will Southside Park in Newton for May 12th, June 9th, and August 11th.  On July 14th we have reserved the Market Place Church - "Your Space" for Sabbath service and will plan on having our picnic there at "Your Space" after services.

It's time to start planning for our 5th annual retreat at Camp Dickenson scheduled for the week-end of August 10 – 12. If you have never been, just try imagining a peaceful setting along the New river with church brethren from different congregations. There will be a Friday evening Bible study along the River's edge and Sabbath services in the main lodge.  Plenty of food, singing, canoeing, games and just plain relaxing with friends.  
Stay tuned for a more detailed announcement concerning prices, scheduled events and opportunities to serve.

       Please feel free to direct any questions to Roger or Linda Williams.

Greetings, everyone! We are very pleased to announce a new feature for communicating with the Church members around the world. Effective immediately, we will be posting a weekly video update on the member website ( You can go there now to see the inaugural posting of In Accord—the video “sister” of our monthly publication, One Accord.

As President Jim Franks explains in this introductory video, this weekly update will be your online source for news and commentary on the latest developments in the work of the Church of God, a Worldwide Association. Our plan is to post a new update sometime by Thursday evening of each week. We hope and trust that you will enjoy each and every update, and that this will prove to be a very popular and helpful resource for promoting unity within the Church.

SPECIAL NOTE – Each week, beginning today, we will plan to play this video at the conclusion of services or the Bible Study for those of you who do not have internet access.